Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Louis Vuitton Don

While my partner Proof is givin you cheap bastards a less expensive substitute for the Yeezy's. The Louis Vuitton Don himself is going the other way. Shouts to Nice Kicks for putting together the prices.

The three models are named for his manager Don C(the Don's), His Barber(the Jasper's), and his 808 and Heartbreaks collaborator Mr. Hudson(the Mr. Hudson's[duh]). There's about three color ways for each, and they range from clean as hell to in your face. So for those of you not givin a fuck about sneaker costs, these'll turn some heads.

Air Max No Brainer

Aix Max 90 + Trainer sample.

WOW. This is a seriously dope concept. Nike is starting to step up their hybrid game nicely (while Jordan brand is still dropping $130 turds in shoeboxes). Who knows if these will actually ever drop, but gotdam do they ever look fly.

Quite possibly my two favorite Nike kicks of all time, in the flyest colorway of all time. This one is a no brainer. Put these into production already.

Via: weekly drop

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Less Ego / More Stee-lo

Another Nike Hightop that is Fresher and Cheaper than the Yeezy's...

Don't get me wrong, I think the Yeezy's are pretty clean. Yet, they are too expensive and I would probably get jumped if I wore them out. Plus I think there are other hightops that Nike has released recently that are just flat out better looking in every sense. I already posted about the RT-1s and those are still at the top of my list for a fresh summer sneaker.

Now I present to you the Nike Auto Flight Black/Infrared.

These are a combination of the Air Flight Light and the Blazer, and boy did they turn out clean. I am gonna add these to the collection for sure. But I, and you for that matter, will have to wait until October/November to cop. I guess the RT-1s will have to tide me over until then.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Trend Alert?!

Last month I posted about the Swagger X Nike mint chocolate pack, being sold as a mismatched pair. This month Nylon Magazine will be doing a photo spread debuting their new Nike Colabos. Notice anything?Now from what I understand the sneakers won't be sold as a mismatched pair, but this look appears to be catching on.

Et Tu Flight Club?

The whole world's gone Asher Roth crazy. Dude hit my ears about two years ago, and I have to say I passed right over it. When he dropped a mixtape with DJ Drama I gave him another chance. Still not impressed. But this dude has compiled more street cred in the last two years as a skinny white kid than Rick Ross has had dis. videos made about him. And now this? His own FC All Star tee?! Asher Roth the latest to be bestowed with Flight Clubs coveted all-star colabo will be rocking the number 420 (*caugh* the date of his album release *caugh*), and the number will be retired instantly. The last number retired was 25 for Def Jams 25th. Now far be it from me to knock the guy, and I have to say upon the request of my man Will I not only listened to the album, but actually enjoyed it. But really a drama mixtape, and a retired FC All-Star tee?! This kid either has the best coke on the east coast, or is doin someone some under the desk favors. Whatever it is, Asher keep doin you. And check the album its good, not legendary, but good. Link below.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Analog Nights the name for Aimee Wilder's new vintage music player themed wallpaper.

Seems like a pretty cool idea. Don't know if I could join the ranks of the 'my wallpaper says a lot about me' clique, but the designs are well executed and if used properly, could add a nice touch to a corner of your living quarters.

...and at $140 for a diminutive 27" x 15' roll, a corner of your place is all that your gonna get covered. Which is probably more than enough to make your point.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Let's hope the album is as good as the art work. This is pretty dope (pun intended)

Monday, April 20, 2009

THEY LIVE - 'My Weed'

Happy Holiday...


So after you get your holiday celebration on there's only one thing to do today. Get your ass out in the sun and head to GOODS. Today is the last day of GOODS' 6 year anniversary celebration weekend and arguably the best. My guys are takin care of all you little weed heads out there by lacing free samples all day of a limited edition GOODS X Molly Moons ice cream flavor. No you didn't hit the bong too hard, that's what I said, GOODS flavored ice cream. If this isn't the most brilliant co-promotion I've ever heard of, I don't know what is. The secret flavor is in honor of both GOODS' 6 year anniversary, and the opening of the new Molly Moons location off Cal Anderson Park on the hill(cash cow[no pun intended]). So after you get your munch on at the shop, and most likely re-up somewhere around the park, get your dancing shoes on cause GOODS is commin at you for round two. Tonight is the final event. The Official 6 year anniversary party featuring two legendary DJ's in Craze and Klever at the War Room. Wear your holiday best, this is an event not to be missed. Show jumps off at 9. Door is five bucks or free with limited GOODS invitation. There were 100 invites printed, and my man George informed me last night that there are less than 20 left between the two stores so ask for one with your ice cream.
GOODS is located at: 1112 Pike St.
Molly Moons is located at: 1622 ½ N 45th St
War Room is located at: 722 E Pike St

*UPDATE: I just got a text from Molly's new Pastry Chef. The Flavor is called GOODS' Gold. It is a rich chocolate ice cream with chunks of home made caramel. I aint missin this!*

Happy Holiday!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back Again For The Very First Time

Tonight's the night. The World famous Yo Son! reunion show. Those of you that were here in December remember the first attempt at this show was canceled due to snow. Well Scene and DV are making up for it tonight. One night, Scene and DV(old crew) at Chop Suey(old venue). This also happens to fall in the middle of sponsor GOODS' 6 year anniversary weekend(and monday), so expect to see some familiar faces in the building. The Event is RSVP only, and I'll provide links to RSVP below. This event's been running for nearly 10 years, what's one more night?

Chop Suey is located at: 1325 E Madison St. Seattle, WA 98122
RSVP at: or

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jon Humphries Photography Show at GOODS.

Heads up to all of you that are out bouncing around enjoying record store day, lets not forget about our sneakers. The cats over at GOODS are hosting an open photography show in the shop for Jon Humphries. The show starts at 6pm. GOODS will be providing beer, miscreants, and skate photos galore. Check it out at The Pubs or swing by the shop and help GOODS start the celebration for their 6th anniversary(More to come on this later).
GOODS is located at 1112 Pike St. Seattle, WA 98101

I Don't Rock Gems I Spit Them

The homie John just gave me the heads up that for today his shop Gems in Pioneer Square will be holding a one day pop up sale. What this means to you is $20 Alifes, $5 Claes, and more kicks than you can shake a stick at. With friends like these, there's no reason you can't stay looking fly even through the worst of recessions.
Gems is located at 617 Western AVE. In Pioneer Square, Seattle

Go support your local record store.

Today is official Record Store Day. It's an important one day a year to take and reflect on how shitty our lives would be if we didn't have our record stores around us. To help you celebrate most Seattle record stores are offering deals to entice even the most hesitant of record diggers. Here's the list of where to be and why (Which I ripped off from Megan Seling at The Stranger. Thank you).

*Both locations of Easy Street will be taking 20% off everything in the store (except exclusive Record Store Items and those items already on sale).

*Both locations of Sonic Boom will have a sidewalk sale, as well as other awesome sales in the store. They're also going to have screenprinting. You can bring an item for screenprinting with you, or buy a t-shirt from them for $5. It's free, but they're asking for donations (all of which will be handed over to the Rock School scholarship fund). And if you take your Ballard store receipt to Bop Street on Ballard Ave, you get 20% off there too. They're also donating 10% of gross sales to the Seattle City School's Music Program.

*All Silver Platters locations will be taking 20% off all new and used vinyl, new DVDs, as well as offering one-day-only DVD specials.

*Everyday Music is taking 10% off all regularly priced new items and 20% off all used CDs, DVDs & vinyl.

*Wall of Sound is taking 18% off everything in the store.

And here's where all the free, live music can be found throughout the day!

Easy Street Records, Queen Anne
3 pm: Dex Romweber Duo
5 pm: The Moondoggies
7:30 pm: Sweet Water

Easy Street Records, West Seattle
9:30 pm: Wolves in the Throne Room ($5, 21+)

Silver Platters, Queen Anne
2 pm: The Romance
3 pm: Barton Carroll
4 pm: The Toadies

Sonic Boom, Ballard
12:00 DJ Woogie "D"
1:00 Peter Blecha
2:00 Say Hi
4:00 Vetiver
5:00 Andy Harms (107.7 the End)
6:00 DJ Stupid Fresh

Sonic Boom, Capitol Hill
2 pm: Cheryl Waters (DJ set)
3 pm: Telekinesis
5 pm: DJ El Torro

Friday, April 17, 2009

In More Bullshit News...

Seattle rapper Fatal Lucciauno is now officially removed from the Dyme Def bill on April 25th (Despite what the flyers say). This is a real big blow for one of Seattle's up and coming talents. No one is releasing any official information on the call, but what we do know is this; The call came from someone at The Crocodile, and Fatal was removed due to fear of gang affiliation from the Chop Suey incident. Its a real shame to see this happen, not only for Fatal but for the city as a whole. For as long as I can remember The Crocodile has been a rockers mecca, and all but off limits to Hip-Hop heads. With the new ownership and the new look this was an opportunity for The Croc to reach out to Seattle's growing Hip-Hop scene, and really establish themselves as a viable venue for not just Rock, but for all music in Seattle. This was one of those "you only get once" opportunities for The Croc. Benito of Soul Gorilla gift wraped them one of the better local bills of the year, and an opportunity to help one of Seattle's most gifted rappers get his feet back on the ground after a rough couple of years. The choice is simple. Either you establish yourself as the type of venue that is there for its artists and willing to step outside of its comfort zone to put on a great show; or you become one of those by the books venues that host the same safe shows, never really fail, never really break any big artists, and is oft times forgotten rather quickly. The old crocodile was the former, it was famous for that. This is a very scary sign that the new Crocodile will be the later. Although Fatal will be missed, this line up is not to be. Dyme Def, The Saturday Knights, OneBeLo, Spaceman and D. Black. Hosted by Gats, and holding down the boards is main man Marc Sense. April 25th @ The Crocodile. $10 adv

Happy Birthday

Today we want to wish a special happy birthday shout out to one of CSaB's favorites Melissa Darby. If it wasn't for Meli I probably wouldn't have shit to do with this hip-hop game, and I know I'm not the only one who can say that. If you see Meli out on the streets this weekend buy her a drink or seven, a girl only turns fourteen once.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Decent Looking Jordan Hybrid?

Minus a few of the AJF's (ahem 3's...I copped), all the Jordan Hybrids have been booty. Like straight up doo doo. But, today I came across photos of a pretty fuckin fresh hybrid, the Jordan 16.5.

These contain a lot more elements of the Jordan 16 than 17, but all in all they look really dope. The attention to detail is pretty impressive, even including 'Jordan' in braille on the heel. For a pair of hoop kicks these are fire. They are clean and also look to be really lightweight and comfortable. And of course the black/red colorway is unfuckwittable. By far the best looking '.5' Jordan brand has hap-hazardly thrown together.

[rant] I will still look MJ in the face and tell him his brand is falling off with all the new half-assed crap they've been putting out lately. Their ratio of good vs. bad hybrids/re-releases/new shit is piss poor. Stick to the script Jordan brand...less is more. Remember when you used to release one sneaker a year and they were the hottest commodity on the block? Who gives a shit about how many sneakers you can sell, think about how many of those shit designs should have never left the drawing board. Honestly. [/rant]

I love it when hotels do this kinda shit

There's nothing worse than when a hotel or restaurant goes all out on a uniform and doesn't supply their staff with shoes. You got some hot cocktailer all done up in a nice top, those sexy black slacks that make their asses look so nice, and then a beat up old pair of black sketchers. Lately we've seen both The Hilton in Hawaii and those pod hotels in Japan and New York partner with New Balance to release exclusive "ee" (employee edition) models and color ways. Not to be outdone the ever hip Ace Hotel has taken a similar route with their new Palm Springs location. Ace has partnered with Arkitip and Generic Supplies to release this deck shoe of sorts. The shoe is made from an new type of mesh material made to both breath in the hot sun, and dry quickly from any pool side accidents. These shoes are also made with a slip resistant sole making them excellent to work in. It ls a great looking shoe that really captures the feel of a Palm Springs resort. Further more unlike their predecessors these staff shoes will be available to the public with a custom tote bag for $85. Another home run for Ace Hotels.

What are you listening to this summer?

So begins my new found obsession with cassette tapes. These things are like three for a dollar at the pawn shop!!! More will come of this. Keep posted for pictures of an exclusive one off Walkman by Weirdo, and information on limited edition CSaB mixTAPES.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wii Believe

I gotta say when Nike first dropped its Nintendo Wii pack last month I wasn't too impressed. The Blazer and Air Force 2's are far from my favorite silhouettes. But Just when I think it cant get any worse Nike does something like this...and totally redeems themselves. The second half of the pack drops today including an Air Max 95 and the gem of the pack, the Sky Force.

Rumor has it that wearing these sneaks will add 10 pins to your drunkin 4a.m. Wii Bowling score.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dj Cam Quartet is my shit

So I was given this compilation titled Saint-Germain-Des-Pres Cafe Vol.9 by a fellow music nerd and it contains some absolutely amazing work by one of my favorite producers DJ Cam. He goes the route of another favorite of mine, Quantic, and takes his musical production skills to the stage with a full band. The outcome is some seriously high caliber hip hop infused jazz jams including So Sweet, Rebirth of Cool and a retarded dope cover of Nas' World is Yours that is goosebump worthy.

Cam has been one of my go to downtempo producers for a while. His Mad Blunted Jazz album is one of my all timers and sets the mood for any chill occasion. I grew up with lots of jazz in my household. Both of my parents are huge jazz listeners and gave me a pretty good collection of vinyl to thumb through since I left the house for college back in '01. I can apreciate some quality jazz musicianship and the chops Cam use on Blunted are flipped so flawlessly that I knew at the time he could pull off the band leader role with ease. Boy did he prove me right.

If you are a fan of hiphop and/or jazz, I beg you to peep these two tracks below, go find yourself some DJ Cam on a store shelf somewhere and support musical excellence such as this with your hard earned greenbacks.

Dj Cam - Rebirth of Cool

Dj Cam - It's Yours

Play Ball

To ring in this year's baseball season, HUF will be releasing a set of two baseball caps in the respective NL West colors of HUF's 2 store locations - SF and LA. The logo is classic and simple the way baseball is always meant to be. 75 of each; in Giants black and orange, and Dodgers blue and white will be released in their cities corresponding HUF locations tomorrow. Book your plane tickets or call a friend. These will go fast.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

You hate Doom and he loves you for it.

Yeah I know its a bit late but I know some of you are still needing it. Amongst more controversy than I know what to do with the new Doom album dropped a while back. If you haven't been following since his last album Doom has been doing nothing but making enemies. A riff with long time friend and collaborator M.F. Grimm, Going on the record as a staunch McCain supporter and Obama antagonist, skipping almost every show scheduled, and even going so far as to send a guy dressed in his mask to his SF and LA dates to mouth his rhymes. Not a good start; and then the album. The First few listens offered no help. Doom rhymes over Dilla beats that have already been done by a handful of cats and even reissues a song off a 2006 Nature Sounds comp -which only makes me more angry that, that MF X Ghost colabo it seems will never come -. To say the least I was starting to hate this fucking guy. That's when it all clicked. This is Doom the performance artist. Doom the nutbag genius. This is his evil plan. Doom is the heel of hip-hop. Doom is a true villian, and once you accept that you are no longer aloud to like Doom, you will once again love his music. The Beat selections on this album are KILLER thanks in most to hometown hero Jake One. Doom's rhymes are aggressive when they need to be, and whimsical when not. The album has continuity, style and ambiance. This is not just rap; this is art. Link below

Born Like This - DOOM

As if there weren't enough reasons to sleep in front of a sneaker shop

No projected release date... Sorry kids

Glass Candy

So while my partner Proof will be opening for the world famous Staten-Island Budos Band at Neumos on Capitol Hill tonight, I'll be sneaking out early to get my hipster on with Portland's electronic disco punk duo Glass Candy at Nectar Lounge in Fremont.

Since I was sleepin too, let me hip ya. Glass Candy is the combined efforts of Ida No on Vocals, and Johnny Jewel on productions. They play an all analog set that falls somewhere between disco, hip-hop, electro, and early punk rock (have fun guessing what that sounds like), and do everything with an in home DIY feel. All their album art, promo material, merch., etc. is done in house by the duo with the same lack of computer assistance as their music. The unfairly beautiful Ida No has a soothing and welcoming voice that provides almost an ambient foreground to the frenetic and rhytmic hip-hop inspired beats of Mr. Jewel. Its a sound that will take you back to the days of Kraftwerk, David Bowie and Gangstarr all at once. Glass candy has also become a major face in the fashion world. Their songs were used for a Chloe runway show, as well as by Karl Lagerfeld for the Spring/Summer '08 Chanel Haute Couture fashion show and the Fall/Winter one of '08/'09 (thanks wiki). Tonight they will be performing a rare Seattle tour date at Nectar Lounge - 412 N. 36th St. in Fremont - in support of their new record Deep Gems (a collection of rarities, remixes, and b-side) on Italians Do It Better Records, which I will provide for you below. Hope to see the few of you that aren't at Budos Band there, looking your best.

Deep Gems (a collection of rarities, remixes, and b-side)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Late Registration

So apparently Carnegie Mellon University created a Sneakerology 101 course to educate the youts (no Cousin Vinnie) on sneaker history and culture. Reebok heard about this, stepped in and created a sneaker inspired by the class that is pretty damn fresh. They took elements from the classroom as inspiration, such as the chalkboard color on the upper, the yellow chalk color on the stripes and the tongue that resembles a chalkboard eraser.

Sneakerology 101 x Reebok Reverse Jam Mid

The problem? They are releasing only 101 pairs @ $75 available ONLY at the universities Kicksberg Event on April 15th.

h/t: sneakerfiles

Who said the word swagger is dead?

Japanese brand Swagger is on their grind. Not only did they release their first issue of Swagger Magazine last month, but in that magazine they debuted these bad boys...

These Nike Terminator Hi Supremes will be released in collaboration with Swagger to mark the 10 year anniversary of the brand. These are definitely not your older brother's Blazer Hi's. They have a modified tongue and most notably are sold as a miss-matched pair. Supreme said the inspiration for the Blazers came from a box of mint chocolates (which rumor has it, is how they will be packaged). No release date yet, but the concept is fresh, bold, and worth following.

Pacific Division in the Pacific Northwest

So for those of you not following; The Legendary Roots Crew will be playing the paramount tomorrow night. The Roots never cease to amaze, with full instrumental backing, Black thought at the peak of his game, and the always popular covers portion of the night known to their fans as Roots Radio, this is a show not to be missed. Opening for The Roots is a quiet legend amongst the avid sneaker fans and hip hop heads known as Pacific Division. Pacific Division is the trio of LA musicians Like, Mibbs and B-Young. The group has been making music since 2001, and really hit the scene in 2006 with their break out "Blendtape" Sealed for Freshness. These cats hark back to an earlier time when hip-hop was fun. They're signature west coast style trunk rattlers are more concerned with sun, sneakers, and women than they are with guns, gangs and incarceration. These cats are truely pioneers of the new directions hip hop has been headed. The scariest part is they just now seem to be showing us what they're capable of. Pacific Division will be doing a live in store at Goods tomorrow from 4pm to 6pm take a minute swing up there, meet some good people and support my guys up at Goods 1112 Pike St (206) 622-0459.

Download Sealed for Freshness below:

Rocking of the Bells

This lineup is pretty ill. San Fran here I come...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Moon Boots

Not really...

But they are the Air Max 1 Lunar Pack. And they are fresh as hell.

The black and silver colorway is killin it. Plus the stealthy swoosh with the silver stitching is a nice touch. Not sure about the lunar landscape texture on the leather, but I'll reserve judgment until I see them up close.

The Air Max 1 is a very underrated sneaker. One of the most comfortable shoes one can own. Some of the colorways they've come out with in the last few years are pretty fly. Most of them are pretty affordable, but these bad boys will set you back $140 on Caliroots.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Man I love me some Camp Lo. Uptown Saturday Night is an all timer for me. Their swag and nonsensical flows are unfuckwittable. Their beat selection is always on point and they are also good at the lost art of album construction / song arrangement.

Let me tell you, this new album Stone And Rob: Caught On Tape is the best hiphop release of 09 by far. They have those classic mid 90's spits and swagger over some straight up slappers. Sonically, the album is pretty flawless. Mixing is perfect. Grime comes through when necessary and everything sound right where it belongs. Beats are just fire. Samples are all crispy and the style of tracks are all over the place, yet the album is cohesive. Lyrically, these dudes are a little more understandable, but still have that braggadocious 'I don't care if you know what the fuck I'm talking about' demeanor.

My personal favorites are: 2 Dope Booyz, Pips, Sky Hi and Regulate, but all the tracks are serious.

Get with the Lo-aaahhh.


Air Griffey Max - New Colorways

So as Griffey Day (Opening Day) approaches, we get a few new colorways for one of the best cross training sneakers ever put together. I like the all blacks, but I still think the Mariner color joints are where it's at. I think that before I buy Griffey's sneakers, I'ma need his jersey.

Can't really explain how excited I am to see the Kid back in action. I almost forgot about it with March Madness going on and the Sounders matches. I got tickets through work for Griffey Day and I am going to go fucking nuts.

H/T : Sneakerfiles