Thursday, February 18, 2010

Observation No Crime

Footage of a rare performance of Fela Kuti early in his career in 1971. Goosebumps.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The return of Seattle's best off the radar afterhours party is upon us. This Saturday, Feb 20th, we will be taking the show on the road, or up to the peak, to PARTY MOUNTAIN. Make sure you follow for all the latest updates and location.

If you know, you know. Crumbs.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Macklemore - "NIKES" Live from the City Arts Song Show at the Triple Door.

A pretty fitting song considering the name of this site...and the interview that follows is also worth a watch.

I have been slowly scaling back my sneaker obsession, and am probably going to start downsizing. The poetry contained in the song itself is enough to make you take a step back and realize just how ridiculous consumerism can be. Dope kicks are dope kicks, but seeing people suffering around the world while my closet is full of shoe boxes is starting to weigh on me.

$5 Cover - Seattle

Here is the trailer for MTV's flick set in the Seattle music scene. Many familiar faces and some familiar tracks that you're sure to hear more of in the future (Ahem...Magnetic Blackness..wink wink). Pretty excited for this.

$5 Cover: Seattle Trailer from MTV New Media on Vimeo.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Strange Trip

So I recently got back from a trip and had the pleasure of having Oddisee's newest release, Traveling Man, in my iPod. All I can say is this is one of the most creative and audibly stunning instrumental projects I have ever listened to or even heard about.

Here are some details:

As a musician, life is often lived on the road. Each city leaves its imprint on the artist as they develop their craft. For Oddisee, the producer and MC brainchild behind 2009's critically acclaimed Diamond District, the life and travels of the artist is no mystery. Touring, recording, and keeping up with friends and family took Oddisee beyond his hometown of Washington DC to Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Rather than keep these experiences to himself, Oddisee is instead releasing a new 24-track instrumental album, sharing his worldly experiences – through music, directly with his fans; a 24 city sonic tour of the world. With this new release, Oddisee is the Traveling Man...Each track was produced while Oddisee stayed in the city it was titled after...No need for a passport because Oddisee sees the world, so that you can hear it. Listen up.

Peep 3 of the gems on this amazing project:

The album is available now on iTunes and you should do everything in your power to go purchase it immediately.

Dungeon Story

This is one of the most interesting pieces of hip hop journalism you will find. The author does a great job of connecting the dots explaining the rise and fall of the Dungeon Family.