Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Franchise

Looks like I'ma have to start saving up some money for those $9 Red Hooks. I will be at a whole lot more Mariners games this year.

I'm about to go cop that #24 Jersey this weekend.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

206 up!

My only complaint? He didn't dunk over Dwight Howard in a vintage Shawn Kemp jersey. Seeing the look on Stern's bitchass face would have been priceless.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This Video is Brought to you by the Letters T, S and K

Here is the latest and greatest vid ‘Count it off’ from everybody’s favorite weekend warriors, the Saturday Knights. Complete with muppets, vintage animation and public access feel.

"Count It Off" - The Saturday Knights from Lincoln Leopard Films on Vimeo.

Also, TSK is coming off an award high for winning 107.7’s Endie award for Best of the Sound (beating out Death Cab and Fleet Foxes). Congrats fellas! Fleet Foxes are BOOOOORRRRRIIINNGGGG. AMIRITE GUISE?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reebok Pump Omni Lite - Dee Brown All Star Game Edition

These kicks are releasing exclusively at Sheikh’s Arizona Mills location in Tempe and the run is limited to only 360 pairs. Bullshit.

h/t to Sneaker Files

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These...

A) Smoked out downtempo instrumentals

B) Fantastic guest spots over basement funk loops

C) A discography spanning 6 “just push play” albums and 2 dj mixes

D) All of the above .

Well, If you guessed D then you win the prize! Tell them what they’ve won!

You’ve won a chance to go see one of the UK’s best dj/producers in the game this Saturday night at Chop Suey! So exciting!

Nightmares on Wax, AKA DJ EASE (Experimental Sample Expert), will be bringing plenty of cool out classics to the stage this weekend. Every one of his albums are a must for any stoner type, or just about anyone that can appreciate the value of downtempo riddims. I have every one of his albums and they are the perfect soundtrack to life’s more relaxing moments. Whether it be during a long road trip, when the clock hits a 1/3 past 4, a summertime bbq (mixtape) or prepping for an afternoon nap, Nightmares has something for you

DJ EASE’s sample game is top notch, instrumental and percussion skills are on point, use of filters and phasers is downright unfair at times and he usually has some amazing vocal talent along for the ride (and uses them more as instruments rather than leads). Because of all these factors his albums take you on a great ride. Never too crazy, never too dull, but just right. His songs span many genres and tempos, but you can always pick out a NOW production. Another thing NOW does better than anyone is sequencing. Each element is given a chance to breath and more often than not drum breaks and bass lines ride out just a little longer than one would expect. I love this cause not many producers have the cojones to just let the beat ride. He isn’t afraid to bring in a new instrument 3 minutes into a song and that is genius. His tracks also contain some of the best mixing/engineering to boot. All the instruments and layers sound crisp and in the right place. With minimalist instrumental tracks it is really difficult to explain just how important this is.

img_1_prNOW is currently on tour promoting his new album Thought So… and it is really good. The intro track Da Feelin’ is about as uptempo as his music will get, but maintains a level of non-chalant chillness that most producers can only strive to achieve, but never master. 195lbs is another classic joint that is on some super dub heavy Jamaican basement vibe. The vocals are grimey and distorted and almost transport you to Jamrock. Bringin it is by far my fav on the album and contains everything I love about NOW production. A simplistic drum beat that slaps, a female vocal loop, slow and steady buildup, and a lead instrument that takes almost two minutes to drop in. I strongly suggest you go pick yourself up a copy. Every track is worth a listen and as a whole the album can be classified as ’set it and forget it.’ [/Ron Popeil]

So if you enjoy some funky, soulful, smoked out beats you need to be at this show. I will be in the bar double fisting Jameson and Stella…holler at me.



Zac Hendrix - (Del tha Funkyhomosapien’s tour dj/ local producer) & guests

$15adv / $17dos 9pm Doors / 21+

via: www.seattlesubsonic.com

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kick Game Proper

This is a public service announcement brought to you by dj100proof...


Had to bust em out and try em on.

Now they go back in the box until Summer...