Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"If you can catch me I'm not doing my job"

Can you own a sound? As hip-hop rose from the streets of New York to become a multibillion-dollar industry, artists such as Public Enemy and De La Soul began reusing parts of previously recorded music for their songs. But when record company lawyers got involved everything changed. Years before people started downloading and remixing music, hip-hop sampling sparked a debate about copyright, creativity and technological change that still rages today.

This looks really interesting and informative. As a dj and a producer, these questions are always in my mind when dealing with other peoples music. Be sure to check it our on PBS in January and check out the website.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

RZA in the Studio With the Black Keys

Very, very excited for this project. I have been a huge fan of the Black Keys stripped down blues sound since I first heard them on the radio and thought they were a trio old southern black men.

Blakroc will be hitting shelves Nov 27th AKA Black Friday.

Sneaker Fiend? There's an App for That Too!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Death of the Ego

This is an excellent short film brought to you by Kanye West and Spike Jonze. It's incredibly personal. You can really see the feelings behind it and the symbolism being portrayed.

I like Kanye and even though he can be a huge self absorbed prick, you have to admit this guy has had a rough year. Let's hope this is the start of 'Ye really getting his shit together and dealing with some of those problems. You can tell by this video that he wants to.

"We Were Once A Fairytale" - Kanye West Dir: Spike Jonze from Yooj‽ - Recording Live From No on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

TERROR at 2308!!!!

Members Only is at it again! This time out to torture and terrorize those that think they know Seattle night life. For those who follow we're coming to you from a new location for a very special Halloween party. This time we're bringing you a costume party at Gallery 2308 as always with the best in Seattle Hip-Hop and DJs. Cloud Nice//Spaceman//Inastate with residents djs 100 proof//Swervewon//J OHM. If you know, you know, and if you don't you're missing out.

As always: 11-4: BYOB: $8 cover

"This Gon' Be A Special One Tonight!!!"

Ok, so Hov officially MURDERED it at the Key last night. The crowd was in a frenzy even before he took the stage, and when the countdown hit zero the chants of "Hova! Hova! Hova!" were deafening. When he finally rose up from under the stage...pure insanity. He knew that it had been too long since he had been in the great NW and immediately declared "This is gonna be a special one tonight!" with a grin from ear to ear.

He laced the crowd with classics and new joints for over an hour and a half and every paying customer got their money's worth to the penny. He jumped off with "Run this Town" and went straight into "DOA." The live band came through perfectly on these cuts and the whole stage show was really quite simple but executed perfectly. The towering video screens had some real stunning visuals, especially during "Empire State of Mind" when it turned into the New York city skyline.

He went through classics from BP1 like "HOVA" and "Ain't No Love," Vol. 2 "Can I Get A" and "Hard Knock Life," Vol. 3 "Big Pimpin" and the Black Album "PSA" "Lucifer" and "Encore." That is just scratching the surface.

Suprisingly, some of my favorite performances were from BP3. I am not the biggest fan of this record in it's entirety, but 50% of it is damn good listening and he picked the choice ones. "Empire State of Mind" "Already Home" "Thank You" and especially "On to the Next One" seriously brought the crowd to a whole nother stratosphere and I was going dummy. Swizz Beatz is a fool for that one.

The show was such a great experience 'cause I have never seen Jay, and this was his first time back in Seattle in 10 years. Not to mention he is the greatest living wordsmith and has a catalog that would have allowed him to perform hits well into next week. He was flawless on the mic. His set list was perfect (besides not having a single song from American Gangster). The band added a great element and didn't overdo the instrumentals. The video screen was original and complimented his set perfectly. And the final element that really brought it all together was the vibe in the building. It was ALL LOVE. The crowd was into it from minute one and didn't stop screaming or put their diamonds down for the entire show.

Cheers to Hova for putting on a very memorable performance that was equal parts entertainment and pure musicianship. ON TO THE NEXT ONE!

You Want Some? Go Get Some!

It's right HERE. It's right HERE... at the Winner's Circle Blog. Go pour yourself some of that new Fresh Espresso! Super duper fresh way to start my Sunday morning.

Plus, check out the video for the "Something New Remix"

Saturday, October 17, 2009

We Are All Witnesses...

To the illest of all the sneakers from the Nike LeBron signature shoe line, the Air Max Lebron VII. I love the colorway. Loving the full air max unit and the materials they used. If I were an avid hooper I would be sportin these all day.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


James "TalkSick" Sullivan

RIP to a local hip hop historian, truth speaker and lover of this music. We miss you and will always remember your passion, opinions and beliefs. Thoughts and prayers are with his family.

I got to know TalkSick over the past few years in the Seattle hip hop scene. No one was more educated in the art of hip hop than this man. He knew every word to every golden era joint I would drop, and we would go on and on about hip hop music, where it has been and where it is going. We didn't always see eye to eye, because he was a self proclaimed hip hop dinosaur, but he always spoke his mind and that is something this world needs more of. You were a valuable addition to the scene and culture, and a great friend.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Grynch - Chemistry 1.5

Support my dude Grynch and peep the new project! Here is what the internets have to say about Chemistry 1.5:

Coming off the popularity and acclaim for the free download project entitled the Chemistry EP, as well as a cover feature in Billboard Magazine, fast rising Seattle emcee Grynch has released an expanded version of the project, aptly dubbed Chemistry 1.5. Available today, October 6, 2009, this expanded version is available online through iTunes, Amazon MP3 and in stores such as Easy
Street Records and Sonic Boom Records in Seattle.
Chemistry 1.5 includes four unreleased tracks in addition to the ones already found on the Chemistry EP. These tracks include the remix for "You Know Me" featuring the late J Dilla's brother Illa J alongside Grynch and RA Scion, as well as "Work", a song which finds Grynch teaming up with JFK of Grayskul and up and coming Sportn' Life Records artist Spaceman. Also included is another unreleased track entitled "Gambling Story" along with a remix to the title track, "Chemistry", produced by Seattle hip-hop staple D-Sane and featuring One Be Lo.

Grynch will be performing alongside Grayskul, They Live!, Fresh Espresso, Clockwork and DJ Darwin at The Crocodile on Thursday October 8th and has started work on the much anticipated follow-up to his full length CD My Second Wind, as well as more projects to come in the near future.

For more information, contact:


This beauty is the Nike Sweet Classic High. I like the route Nike went with these. The Chuck Taylor vs. Blazer vibe is working and they look like they could handle the long, rainy months ahead. You can find these online now for about $70.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

M.E.T.H.O.Damn Man

Your boy Mr. Meth was arraigned today on counts of tax evasion in the range of $33,000. If found guilty on some of the more serious charges Meth could spend as much as 4 years in Jail. "I never opened [the tax department's] letters," he told NY Daily News in March. "So this is how the tax man came to Meth's house and took his truck. Not because I was broke! I got plenty of money." In response to the seizure of his Lincoln Navigator. The Staten Island District Attorney in charge of the case looks to show no lenience, and make and example of the New York born Rapper. Good Luck Meth, pay your bills and I'll be pullin for ya!